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10 Reasons to Visit Cosey Beach

One of the benefits of Connecticut is its location on the shoreline and small beach towns. Cosey Beach is a local beach located in East Haven, CT. I had heard good things about it, especially for children and families, and decided to check it out this past weekend. It did not disappoint and we will definitely be returning this summer. It is located on Cosey Beach Avenue near Coe Avenue and Sandpiper Restaurant.

1. The Beach – Cosey Beach is a small beach on Connecticut’s shoreline. It’s yellow sand was not rough until you get closer to the water. Near the water you will find a majority of the seashells or seaweed, although not overwhelming. It is large enough to not feel overcrowded yet small enough that you can have most of the beach in site.

2. Playground – A playground is located right on the beach. It looks newly constructed and in good condition. It is located in the sand., something to be aware of if you have a child with sensory issues. It is conveniently located at the beach, so you don’t have to even get up and bring all of your stuff. The beach is relatively small enough to keep an eye on your belongings. There is no gate surrounding the playground. There is a stone wall separating it from the road.

3. Splash Pad – The main reason we went to Cosey Beach this weekend was to try out a splash pad. Cosey Beach is a 3 in one package deal with the beach, playground, and splash pad. It is located right across the street from the beach. It was large enough to handle a busy summer day and the kids were loving it. To conserve water there is an on activation button. While heading home the splash pad can also serve as a station to clean your feet! Surrounding the splash pad area there were plenty of benches for seating and a pavilion nearby. Make note that the splash pad is not gated in.

4. Shade – Both the splash pad and beach have pavilions that provide shade, creating an escape from the sun. If you plan to go with a newborn or baby this proves to be very beneficial. You will also find some trees that you can set up underneath.

5. Bathrooms – When traveling with kids having access to a bathroom, a free one at that, is essential. At the splash pad there is a fairly clean bathroom for use free of charge. There may have been bathrooms located in the building across the street at the beach, however, we  did not get a chance to investigate.

6. Volleyball – Beach volleyball is a great way to bring your friends together or meet new people. On Cosey Beach there is a beach volleyball net set up for visitors to enjoy. Be sure to pack your volleyball to enjoy some competitive exercise during your next visit.

7. Family Friendly – Everything about Cosey Beach is family friendly. The people are friendly and it is a fun atmosphere. Depending on the time of day or time of week you can find a mix of locals catching some rays after work or out of towners enjoying a beach day. The beach is likely to be filled with other families during the summer months. The splash pad is mostly young children or toddlers with their families, but there are the occasional teen and adult getting the chance to cool off. There is also a good chance that the ice cream man will cruise by and park on the street between the beach and splash pad.

8. Clean – One thing that impressed me at Cosey Beach was how clean it is. There are trash cans on site and I saw no trash laying on the beach during my visit. There is the expected seagull searching for food, otherwise there were minimal insects even near the splash pad area.

9. Picnic Tables – There are multiple picnic tables available for use at the beach and splash pad areas. Most tables are located under the pavilions on site. There are a few others under the trees at the beach. Having access to these picnic tables is perfect for planning a picnic or keeping the kids clean while eating during your beach visit.

10. Lifeguards – During the summer months there is a lifeguard at the beach. Although I witnessed a lifeguard present, I am not aware of their schedule. For parents it is an added comfort to know that lifeguards are nearby for any needed assistance.


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