Mom-Care Monday

Welcome To Mom-Care Monday

Welcome to Mom-Care Monday, a weekly feature on my blog promoting self care. Have you heard of the analogy of self care to the oxygen mask? In short you need to take care of yourself in order to take care of others. This can apply to parents and caregivers, employees, medical staff, children of aging parents. In motherhood especially we may view our plates as being full and it can become overwhelming. Integrating self care into your lives daily, weekly, or monthly can make a world of difference. Join me weekly for new ideas large and small as we hold each other accountable for taking care of ourselves. Enter your email and hit the subscribe tab to receive updates of new posts.

Please note that it is called Mom-Care Monday but caregivers take on all forms. This advice applies to the dads, grandparents, foster parents, aunts, uncles, etc.

Let’s start with step one, working off of what already works! You are the expert on you or are in the process of finding this out. Think about the last time you truly felt relaxed and calm, a clear mind and relaxed shoulders. Make a list of what you already use or have thought about trying.

For week one of Mom-Care Monday I suggest taking deep breaths. Try integrating them throughout the day. Sometimes when we are feeling overwhelmed or busily working throughout the day (or night) our body takes on the stress. Taking a deep breath I often feel my body shift to be more relaxed. I have to work on making it more of a routine for myself and in stressful situations. Putting a visual reminder at your office, home, or to pop up on your phone could be a helpful way of remembering. Take a breath, it’s one baby step that can be used anywhere to help you feel more at ease.

Just breath.

6 thoughts on “Welcome To Mom-Care Monday

  1. Love this! I do need to make myself take the time to breathe during the day especially when things are overwhelming between kids, moving, pregnancy and my business.

  2. This is so important as caregivers-be it healthcare providers, parents, any type of caregiver-we have to take time for self care; which is easier said than done.
    Great post as a reminder to just breathe

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