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Mom-Care Monday: Call A Friend

Welcome to Mom-Care Monday, a weekly feature on my blog promoting self care. This week I want to talk about our support systems. They help keep us sane and lend helping hands, words of wisdom, and make life more enjoyable. Often times we find this support in our family and friends.

Since having children life has shifted where it is more challenging to make plans. If I want to go somewhere kid-free it takes a lot of planning to make sure my husband or family are free to watch the kids. If your plans include other parents needing to be kid-free as well it adds another level to the coordination of plans. Then there are those friends or family that don’t live nearby.

The maid of honor in my wedding and college roommate lives in New York, and recently moved to a different town that is farther away. We had our set up of meeting halfway for lunch. The waitresses probably hated us for sitting and talking so long, but oh well. It was so refreshing to catch up. And as we had children we brought them along! She went from a one hour drive to three hours.

Even though we live apart we have our phone calls to keep in touch. I always look forward to our phone calls. My husband rolls his eyes and knows that when I say I’m on the phone with her it is going to be at least an hour until he has my attention. With the addition of kids it takes scheduling. Yes, I said scheduling of a phone call. Seems silly to think about it, but that’s how we make it work. It starts with a text of when the other might be free, working around work schedules and nighttime routines. It might not happen weekly or as often as I would enjoy, but when it does it’s like magic gold. It’s such a good feeling to have a best friend to talk to, catch up, relate. Now that we are both moms I find it helpful to have a mom friend, and since she is a best friend there’s hardly anything I wouldn’t feel comfortable talking to her about.

Life can get busy. Making time to call a loved one in our support system, one that will make us feel better about ourselves and our day after speaking with them, is a delightful way of taking care of you. You never know, you might just be helping someone else feel the same way without knowing it. Pick up the phone and call (not just text) a friend.

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