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Mom-Care Monday: Getting Your Hair Done 

Every 6 to 8 weeks I have a date with L.A. Hair. Every 6-8 weeks my hair gets pampered with new color and maybe even a hair treatment or a trim. I treat myself by getting my hair done and allowing myself to not feel guilty for it. I’ve given myself the permission to not feel guilty for spending the money and the time on “me”.

Getting my hair done at the hair salon allows myself to have “me” time as I sit in that chair. During that time I get to chat or zone out on my phone, read a book or magazine, or catch up on work emails if I choose. At my hair salon they even offer complimentary water, tea, coffee, and wine. Sounds perfect right! Wine, a book, and someone else doing the work to make you look fabulous.

My favorite part about getting my hair done by the hairdresser is getting my hair washed. I love the smell of their shampoo and conditioner. I find it super relaxing to shut my eyes and get a mini scalp massage. There is something about playing with hair that gets me relaxed or even sleepy.

My second favorite part is the reveal. As my hair gets dried and styled I tend to take that time to be off my phone or away from reading my book. Hairdressers are strategic by turning you slightly away from the mirror so you can’t see their work. Instead you get the surprise of the big reveal in the end. It also feels extra special to have a blowout or your hair to be styled and curled in a way that you just can’t seem to get right when you’re at home.

Lucky for me my time for some new color and pampering was this past Friday. I typically schedule my hair appointments on Fridays when I can enjoy the end of my work week. I leave feeling a little bit refreshed with some extra confidence to rock my new look..even if you choose to keep the same look, it’s still revamped and makes you feel good. Have you scheduled your next date with your hairdresser? - It's a way of life!

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5 thoughts on “Mom-Care Monday: Getting Your Hair Done 

  1. I LOVE going to the hair salon! It isn’t something I normally make time for as frequently as I should. Like so many other busy moms, I find it hard to justify the time to myself. Your Mom Care Mondays have motivated me to give myself a little more “me time.”

    1. I know people who just get a cut every once and a while. I get color added so I’d look a mess if I didn’t go regularly lol I envy the little older ladies who come each week for a fresh wash 🙂

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