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Thankful Pumpkin

As we enter the month of November we are reminded to be more thankful. I’ve seen photo challenges or daily posts on social media, with people displaying what they are thankful for each day of November leading up to Thanksgiving day.

Think about the ways you teach thanks in your family. How were you taught? Do you have traditions that you remember from childhood, or how about new ones you have created?

As the excitement of Halloween (and the sugar rush) winds down, pumpkins sit on our stoops creating decor for the remainder of autumn. Last year my pumpkins lended a hand to the chipmunks who found a tasty treat on my front porch. This year I decided to start a new tradition, a new way to teach thanks to my son (and eventually my daughter too when she grows older).

The Thankful Pumpkin includes the whole family, and even visitors too! It’s a great way to reuse your Halloween pumpkins instead of throwing them away. Each person adds what they are thankful for. Each day the list grows and grows. We have silly things like ice cream! (Yet teaching that not every household has these treats in their fridge). But we have meaningful things too like family and our new car.

The Thankful Pumpkin will be a new tradition in our household. It brings awareness to each of us to appreciate the people, things, and experiences we have in our lives. In a world full of “I wants” for a four year old, hopefully a little seed is planted of thanks and it will lead to appreciation and a good heart to help others.

For more ways to teach kids to be thankful check out my post on ways to teach kids how to give back and help others.



8 thoughts on “Thankful Pumpkin

  1. I LOVE this idea! We ended up with a few extra pumpkins this year that probably won’t get carved, and this is a great way to use them! We always to something to show our thanks this time of year, but I’ve noticed that the kids are so much more engaged in the activity when we switch it up. It’s perfect!

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