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Snowman Donuts: DIY Christmas Treats For School

Last year around this time I was racking my brain for something creative to bring to my son’s preschool for their holiday party. I was looking for something fun and cute that the kids would love, but let’s be serious I was also looking for something that wouldn’t take forever to make.

This DIY snowman donut was a school treat that filled all those things I was looking for. I’ve listed the steps below on how to make them. Enjoy!

What you’ll need:

  • 2 packages of mini powdered donuts (depending on the size of your child’s class you might need more or less. You will need 3 donuts per snowman)
  • Black construction paper
  • White computer paper
  • Black and orange marker or sharpie
  • 1 package of small sandwich bags (not the zipper kind)
  • Red ribbon
  • Scotch tape
  • Scissors
  • Stickers of your choice

Snowman donuts DIY Christmas treats for school


  1. Freestyle the shape of a top hat on the black construction paper and cut one hat for each student.
  2. Type your message on the computer and print on white computer paper. We went with Merry Christmas ❤️ Name. If you don’t have access to a computer or printer simply write you message. Be sure to test out the print size to match your hat size.
  3. Cut your message out into squares.
  4. Tape your white paper with the holiday message onto the black hat cut out.
  5. Place 3 mini powdered donuts in each sandwich bag, lining them up to form a “snowman”.
  6. Seal the bag and fold over so that the bag lines up with the other side of the donuts. Use a sticker to hold in place. Use scotch tape as backup.
  7. Draw the eyes, mouth, and buttons with a black marker. Draw the nose as a triangle with the orange marker.
  8. Cut short pieces of your string, enough to go around the donut and tie into a bow. Cut one piece per snowman.
  9. Lastly tape your black hat onto the head of your snowman.

I hope your child and their classmates enjoy this special treat for the holidays!

7 thoughts on “Snowman Donuts: DIY Christmas Treats For School

  1. These are so cute! We’ve done something similar for our North Pole breakfast but I didn’t think about how easy it would be to make them “to-go”!

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