10 At Home Date Night Ideas For Parents On Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day looks a little different now that I’m a parent. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s changed in a bad way, but it does make it harder to have one on one time to celebrate with my husband.

Valentine’s Day pre-kids means you’re free to go anywhere, at any time, and you’re not reliant on a babysitter or as restricted in your options. Post-kids creates the issue of time and finding a babysitter when your typical sitter might have plans of their own. Option one is to celebrate a different day when you could get a sitter. Option two is to not celebrate at all. Then there’s option three, get creative and have an at home date with your significant other.

10 at home date night ideas for parents on Valentine's Day

1. Wine Tasting – You may not be able to go to a local vineyard or romantic restaurant, instead recreate that experience at home once the kids are asleep. Pick up a few of your favorite wine bottles or try something new, pair it with cheese or chocolates, and spend some quality time just you and your significant other. Cheers!

2. Movie Night – How many times have you sat down to watch a movie only to have one of you fall asleep or one of the kids cries out? Been there, done that. Make a special effort this Valentine’s Day to tuck the kids in early and get a jump start on that movie you’ve been waiting to watch. Throw in some popcorn and head over to Number 7 to make the night less stressful on the specifics and more about the time spent together.

3. Nerf Gun War – Turn Valentine’s Day into a fun and spontaneous game of Nerf War. When the kids are away the parents will play. Raid the kids’ stash of Nerf guns and have at it. My advice, grab the ones with the round clip and take extras with you.

4. Letters To Each Other – Good old pen and paper letters have a special place in my heart. I still love getting “snail mail”. Stay traditional with a letter, or use the kids crafts. Each person will write out and/or decorate a letter and spend time reading words from the heart.

5. Scavenger Hunt – This one might take a little pre-planning to create your list of items to find around the house. Keep it simple with a list of direct items to find or create a list for each other with clues. For example, I’m the favorite book CHILD loves to read over and over and over again before bed.

6. Board Games or Cards – Get your competitive spirit ready for a friendly game with your significant other. Grab the games in the kids closet or the ones that have been collecting dust. Turn off the electronics (TV, phones) and good luck! To add some spice to your night, turn some of the games into a stripping game aka strip poker. Below are some fun games 2 people can play. What’s your favorite?

7. Order Take Out – It may be Valentine’s Day, but it’s just another day for work, bedtime routines, and parent responsibilities. Give yourselves a break and order take out tonight. That leaves more time for the two of you to spend together. Whether it be pizza, chinese, or picking up meals your favorite local restaurant throw it on a plate and call it your own.

8. Fireplace Romance – If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace or fire pit set the ambiance for a romantic night at home with your loved one. This goes hand in hand with many          of the other at home date night ideas such as a wine tasting or board games in front of the fire. Set up a blanket and make it a picnic.

9. Bake Together – Something outside the box is baking together. I of course might choose something with chocolate (no shock there). Try this Death By Chocolate recipe. The best part is eating your dessert afterwards.

10. Dress Up – Who says date night at home can’t be fancy. Pull out your favorite dress or outfit, get dolled up, wear the heels, and enjoy your night in. I know for me, my husband often sees me running out the door of a morning, or comes home to me in my sweats. What better time than a Valentine’s Day dates at home to get dressed up.

10 at home date night ideas for parents on Valentine's Day

22 thoughts on “10 At Home Date Night Ideas For Parents On Valentine’s Day

  1. Love these ideas. Wine tasting at home actually sounds really romantic! Another game you can add to your list for the couples that like strategy-type games (hello, Settlers of Catan) is Carcassonne. 🙂

  2. Love the idea about writing letters to one another. Like you, I still love “snail mail” and enjoy the thought and time behind writing out a letter to someone. On the other hand, having a nerf gun war together could be a great idea too! We are always “helping” our boys with their nerf guns because we like shooting them so much!

  3. These are great any-time date night ideas! My favorite thing to do is cook with my husband, especially with a glass (or 2) of wine. We always have a blast together.

  4. Love this! We don’t get out much and tend to stick to our usual routines. Valentine’s Day was actually our first date and we’ll be celebrating 9 years together this year, so I think it’s time we switch things up and try something new for this special day <3

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