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Mom-Care Monday: My February Goals

At the start of the new year I created a list of my self care goals for the year. A progressive list to achieve, knowing that realistically all would not and could not be marked as complete the first month of the next 365 days.

For the month of January I dedicated my goal to reading, specifically to finish the book that I just couldn’t seem to finish the past few months. I started small by putting aside time for reading 10 minutes before bed. To balance not getting to bed too late, if I felt tired I listened to my body and went to bed. If it wasn’t too late I would keep reading. When you’re really into a book it keeps you from putting it down anyways.

Mom-Care Monday: Reading Challenge

The most success I had was reserving time before bed but also choosing to put reading first. I chose to pick up my book over watching a TV show. I am happy to say I MET my mom-care goal of reading more and finishing my book. I rewarded myself by watching the movie afterwards, which my husband patiently waited for me to finish the book before watching. In typical fashion I was critical of the movie and the favored the book.

As we head into February I am adding an earlier bedtime to my list. This was put on hold while on vacation, but when we settle back into our normal routines I want to integrate it into my nightly routine on occasion. The more I practice it, the easier it will be. Getting more sleep (especially when I have a non-sleeping baby) will feel better for the body and soul.

Dalai Lama Sleep is the best meditation

The second self care strategy I’m going to dedicate more attention to is my adult coloring book. I put it to the test in January, and it turned out to be great QT x 2 with my son…quiet time and quality time. This coloring book below was gifted to me for Christmas, a perfect match for my goals in 2018. The coloring book allows me to relax, and forget about stress.

Mom-Care Monday goals adult coloring books

What have you tried for self care in 2018? I’d love to hear your ideas and spread ideas amongst us all. In weeks to come I will be posting ideas by category: self care for the mind, body, and soul. Look out for a 31 day challenge in March including a daily strategy.

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3 thoughts on “Mom-Care Monday: My February Goals

  1. Congrats to you for meeting your self-care goals! My goal is to make it to a dance class at least once a week. Most weeks I am lucky to the get the one, but when I get fit in more, it’s such a treat and a stress reliever!

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