41 Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

I’m a big fan of chocolate, hence the name of my blog. But when it comes to my kids I try my best to limit what we call “sweets” each day. When holidays like Halloween and Easter roll around there’s often piles of candy left for days. Days of asking for “sweets” and days of Mama or Daddy eating those said “sweets”.

Easter is upon us and I thought the Easter bunny could use some alternative non-candy ideas for his Easter basket.

41 Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

Babies & Toddlers: 

They might not understand the meaning of Easter or the traditions your family has, but most of the time the Easter bunny still pays a visit…especially if he is also visiting an older sibling. Perfect for babies are teethers, rattles, bath toys, bows, and their favorite snacks like puffs. Toddlers might already be a fan of their favorite character, making it easy for them to be excited for Mickey underwear or Paw Patrol stickers. For the music lovers consider egg shakers or musical instruments. For art lovers they make bath crayons perfect for their little hands learning fine motor skills.


Our little ones older then 2 but not yet school aged love their little surprises. Hit up the dollar store for yo-yos, glow sticks, coloring books, and little figurines. Prepare for the outdoor weather to come in the Spring by buying a kite, sidewalk chalk, sunglasses, and water gun. Littles still love their character toys such as a night light, bath towels, or swimsuit. Barbie clothes or dolls are also a big hit.

School Aged:

Consider things they ask for on the daily, or eye in the store. It might be lip gloss, jewelry, and purses. It might be more Nerf bullets (if you’re like our house, they’re easy to lose) or a jump rope for outdoor exercise.

Tweens & Teens:

With this age group it’s easy to succumb to pricier items and electronics. The Easter bunny doesn’t have to break the bank. Think about the items they enjoy and use on a daily basis, or something they could use when out with friends such as gift cards and movie tickets. Beauty supplies are great options including nail polish and makeup.

3 thoughts on “41 Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

  1. I love these ideas! I also think it’s important to limit sweets. I think a combination of sweets and these suggestions will make the perfect basket!

    1. The kids get baskets from all the grandparents too, so I try to plan ahead otherwise I end up eating most of the candy haha

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