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Magic Reindeer Food

Making “Magic Reindeer Food” adds a little excitement to the holiday season. It’s a simple tradition that can be started with your family, created as a gift, or provide reassurance for children traveling during the holiday season. This magic food helps guide Santa and his reindeer to find you on Christmas Eve.

It can be created right at home or gifted for a special boy or girl. Making the “food” can be a hands on activity to do with the kids. We are saving it for a snowy day! Here are 4 reasons kids and families love making Magic Reindeer Food:

Magic reindeer food recipe for Christmas Eve

  1. Tradition: Creating a new tradition for Christmas can be done with parents, caregivers, grandparents, or anyone special in their lives. Year after year they will create memories of making the “food” and sprinkling it for the reindeer to find them on Christmas Eve.
  2. Excitement: Imagine the 5 year old you, anxiously waiting for Santa to arrive. Now picture the excitement you would have felt adding a little something special in addition to your carrots, milk, and cookies to make sure Santa knew exactly where you were.
  3. Traveling for Christmas: Not everyone stays home on Christmas. I remember driving 8 hours away from home to visit family for Christmas and wanting to make sure Santa knew where I would be. Magic Reindeer Food might add a little reassurance to steer Santa and his reindeer in the right direction. The same goes to children in the hospital to help guide Santa their way.
  4. Simple & Fun: Making the “food” is meant to be simple and fun. I had all the ingredients I needed right in my home. There’s even a FREE MAGIC REINDEER FOOD PRINTABLE.

Here’s how it works. You only need 2 ingredients to make this magical food:

  • Uncooked Oats
  • Sprinkles (bonus if the sprinkles are red & green)

Magic reindeer food recipe for Christmas Eve

Combine the oats and sprinkles into a bowl and mix together. Pour mixture into small or snack sized ziploc baggies. Print the label and attach it to the baggie by punching a hole and tying with string or using tape. On Christmas Eve sprinkle the Magic Reindeer Food onto the ground and make up a reindeer dance. Finally, try to get some sleep waiting for Santa to arrive.

Click here to download a FREE PRINTABLE of the tag for MAGIC REINDEER FOOD.

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