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Mom-Care Monday: Scents

Welcome to Mom-Care Monday, a weekly feature on my blog promoting self care. Last week I suggested the power of taking a deep breath to refocus and feel more relaxed. I also suggested making a list of what already works for you or things you might want to try. Feel free to share them in the comments section so we can learn from each other. Each week I will feature a new way to integrate self care, whether it be a small step or a larger goal to set.

This week will feature the way a certain scent can help to recharge your battery or start the day off right. Being one of our five senses, it can be one that is overlooked a bit easier than say our sight or hearing. The powerful thing about the sense of smell is how it can impact our body and mind. I can smell vanilla and it brings me back to my Grandmother’s house growing up. Or when I smell a pumpkin spice candle I’m ready for all things fall.

The scent of eucalyptus is my go to for feeling relaxed. My favorite are products from Bath & Body Works, and the great thing is that they make a variety of products that can make using this scent super easy. I was first introduced to their eucalyptus spearmint candle from their aromatherpy line. They now sell products with this scent in the form of lotions, body wash, antibacterial gel, soap, and wall plug in fragrances. This makes it even easier to apply this self care strategy in various settings and environments. I keep antibacterial gel in the car or my purse, and lotion at my work. The wall plug in fragrances are great for home. Since having children I’ve cut back on the use of any candles for fear of a flying ball hitting it and causing a fire. Luckily, I can rely on the other products to get my fill.

Another go to for me is Caress’ Tahitian Renewal shower gel. There is just something about the smell that can instantly relax me. Showers are on the top of my self care list, but that will come at a later post. Give yourself a treat and incorporate some of your favorite scents into your work or home.


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4 thoughts on “Mom-Care Monday: Scents

  1. I am a huge fan of bath & body works too and I recently posted about how crazily I shipped at their annual sale. Eucalyptus is my favorite too.

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