Mom-Care Monday

Mom-Care Monday: The Power Of A Shower

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Finding the essential self care item or activity for YOU is like finding a pot of gold. Finding something that is in reach and isn’t costly…it’s as if I won the lottery. Each week Mom-Care Monday strives to push myself and you to put yourself first for once, do something that makes you feel happy or relaxed. Self care is so important and there are small ways to incorporate it into your daily lives. Of course the larger ticket items are great too, and in coming weeks they will be featured. I’ve been trying to focus on things that are in reach and feasible for more frequent use.

Have you found your go to self care? Are you able to incorporate it into your daily or weekly lives?

My pot of gold is a hot shower. There is something about it that is calming and relaxing to me. I could be having a tough day and it helps both physically and mentally. Physically it helps relax the muscles. I did this often during my pregnancies, often times taking two showers a day. A majority of the time I can mentally relax and be in a better state of mind.

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Fellow moms know the challenges that can come with getting even a routine shower…you know the type for cleanliness. Sometimes it is asking yourself, have I showered today? When did I last wash my hair? Sometimes it is figuring out how to keep the kiddos occupied so you can get through the shower. With one child I had a system. That system still works, but we’ve adapted for little miss A. She’s not mobile yet…that will change in coming months. My routine takes a little longer and I’ve shifted to more frequently evening showers (I value my sleep and prefer to sleep in a little later if I can).

I grab at the chance to take a shower ALONE. No kids in the bathroom or to worry about. No one asking me to do something for them (clearly they have to practice their patience since Mommy can’t go in the kitchen and get you something to eat at the moment). Someone from my “village” is over…husband is home…evening showers when kids are asleep…all examples of grabbing my chance at a nice hot shower with limited interruptions. Depending on my mood I will add music to the mix, either my Nature Sounds app or Pandora.

Shower = pot of gold

What’s your self care pot of gold?

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