Mom-Care Monday

Mom-Care Monday: Reading A Book

Where are my book lovers?

Where are my book lovers who don’t get the time to actually read?

I am with you!

I did not alway find enjoyment from leisurely reading. This probably stemmed from interest and focus on sports in my free time. That and I didn’t like feeling forced into reading a particular book while in school. I started to enjoy books when I had control over what I wanted to read.

I truely enjoy reading a good book, the type of book that time passes and you can’t seem to put it down. The struggle I have is finding the time…or making the time. By the time I wake up, work, family time, household responsibilities, packing lunches, dinner time, bed time…the list goes on…by the time that is done I just want to sit down, spend time with my husband, and catch up on TV or zone out.

Over the past few months my in-laws have been giving me books as they finish them. I receive them with excitement, then my first thought is,

When am I going to have time to read this?

The answer is within myself. need to make the time and put other things to the side if I want to dive into a good book. Here are some ideas I have problem solved or seen others recommend:

  • Wake up earlier and dedicate at least 10 minutes of your morning routine to  reading.
  • Read on your lunch break
  • Read during nap time or while the kids are at school
  • Have your partner finish bed time and you can start your reading
  • Night time reading before bed
  • Join a book club for motivation
  • Set a timer in your phone to remind you it’s time to read
  • You and your partner read at the same time or read the same book
  • If your children are old enough to read independently, set up reading time where you each read your book of choice
  • Selecting a book that is coming out as a movie or TV show has given me extra motivation (even though I often prefer the book over the movie after experiencing both)

Just like an exercise routine, the more you do it the more it feels like your new normal.  Set a goal (for instance I want to read 2 times a week) and create your plan to build it into your day/week. Give it a try. If you’re not successful don’t give up, try adapting your plan and predict that your plan might not go as planned. Life happens, but if you start working towards your goal of increasing self care and me time the balls are in motion to a better you.

My goal is to read 3 times a week. I will be reading The Girl On The Train, a book I started and did not succeed in finishing over the summer. My plan is to bring my book with me and read during a break at work, and to set reading time at night after the kids are asleep. The me time is incentive enough but for extra motivation I will watch the movie during hubby time when I’m done!

What are your tips for reading more consistently? If this is an area you would like to improve on your own self care, share your goal so we can support each other and hold each other accountable. Check in next week to see my successes and barriers with my reading goal.

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12 thoughts on “Mom-Care Monday: Reading A Book

  1. Reading is such a great way to step aside from the day to day and have some quality me time! I hardly read after my daughter was born (now over a year later) but recently joined a book club with some friends that has really helped me consistently read at least a little and get the social time with friends! My goal is just one chapter a week, and for now that’s a good place for me to start. Eventually I want to get up before the family and read at least 10 min a day.

  2. I love reading and though I don’t have as much time for it as I’d like- I enjoy it when I do! Joining a book club has helped keep me at at least one book a month. Fab post. Reading is such a healthy, gratifying, and personal growth- producing form of self care!

  3. I’m also a mom who loves to read but doesn’t find the time. If I wasn’t a blogger! I think I’m going to start reading when my kids are playing. It’s important for them to see me reading. And I CAN’T WAIT until they are reading and we can all have family reading time!

  4. I LOVE reading! I aim for a book a week, but I don’t think I’m going to make that goal this year. But still, it’s an amazing pastime!

  5. I agree with Angie, reading routines for the house sound great. The kids have to read for school anyway. Still, my most successful reading time is typically when I’m the last one awake 🙂

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