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Mom-Care Monday: Reading Challenge Update

Welcome to Mom-Care Monday, a weekly series on my blog that focuses on self care. Last week’s self care strategy focused on reading a book. Over the summer I had started The Girl On The Train, but did not get very far in my reading. Last week I challenged myself to read 3 times a week. Here was my challenge:

My goal is to read 3 times a week. I will be reading The Girl On The Train, a book I started and did not succeed in finishing over the summer. My plan is to bring my book with me and read during a break at work, and to set reading time at night after the kids are asleep. The me time is incentive enough but for extra motivation I will watch the movie during hubby time when I’m done!


As I was putting myself to the test this week, I was also thinking of all of you. How did you do? Did you challenge yourself to read more this week?

Maybe reading isn’t self-care to you. Don’t worry there will be more self-care challenges to come in the future.

Let’s break down the update into three sections: 1. Did I accomplish my goal? 2. What were my challenges? 3. What were my successes so that I can do this more often? 

  1. I was 2/3 successful with my goal this week. I read 2 out of the 3 days that I challenged myself.
  2. Finding the time for self-care and reading is still hard to do. I prioritized other things such as chores, TV, or being on my phone as opposed to sitting down with my book. I started thinking more about reading, and finding the time to do so.
  3. I truly enjoyed escaping in a book that I was looking forward to reading. I brought my book with me wherever I went in case I had extra time: in the car, into work, while I was pumping, upstairs while I was prepping for bed. The days I read I was most successful reading at home before bed. I had hopes to read while pumping or if I had extra time before a work meeting in the community but that part of my goal just did not work out.

Where do I go from here? My challenge doesn’t end today. I enjoy reading and will continue to do so when I find the time. I will continue to try making the time and putting it before other things.

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