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Gift Guide for Spider-Man Fans 

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If your child is anything like my son, he loves everything Spider-Man right now. With his imagination he can shoot webs from his hands and jump up high just like him.

Here is a list of our top picks for Spider-Man themed gifts this year; not just toys but a variety of non-toy ideas that you can sneak a little more Spider-Man into a kid’s life.

Spider-Man Helmet

Bicycle lovers can ride in style with this Spider-Man helmet. Suit up to save the neighborhood. My son added this helmet to his wish list this year. It is also ASTM and CPSC certified for safety.

Spider-Man 3D Wall Light

How cool is this night light!?! It is realistic, as if Spidey is coming through the wall. The decal makes it look like cracks in the wall. The night light is battery operated with an on/off switch that illuminates his eyes. There is also a Spider-Man hand night light.

Spider-Man: Homecome Spider-Man with Spider Racer

This spider racer is the perfect combo of Spider-Man meets Nerf gun. This gift recipient will fall in love with not only getting a new Spider-Man figurine but a car that shoots darts. The darts are even adorned with Spider-Man themed colors and a web design. The target age is 4 years and older.

Spider-Man Walkie Talkies

Grab a friend and go on an adventure with these Spider-Man themed walkie talkies. They can be used indoors in the winter months, or outdoors. My son loved playing with these, fostering his imaginative play as we would play whatever game he chose. They require 8 AAA batteries, so be prepared! They are fairly simple to use for small hands, with one knob to turn the volume and one side button to speak.

Spider-Man Hooded Poncho Towel

Even bath time can be Spidey time. This hooded poncho towel is a great “non-toy” present for little Spider-Man fans. Reuse for the summer months at the beach as a beach towel.

Spider-Man Sneakers

My son loves to get sneakers with his favorite character and color. He loves Spider-Man, and can you guess his favorite color? Red! The perfect combo. Sneakers are another example of how you can get a holiday gift that is not a toy, but still one that they will enjoy and wear every day. And of course with children’s sneakers, they light up!

Spider-Man Web Slinger

This device actually shoots out water or Spider Shot Web Fluid. Image having this as a child! The water shooter is the most sustainable option, as it can easily be refilled. The web fluid is definitely awesome, but short lived. The pictured web slinger includes one glove, the red slinger that holds the bottles, one refillable water bottle, and one web fluid bottle. Extra web fluid is available for purchase separately in red, blue, and yellow.


My son has a love for Spider-Man. He has some of these items already or has added them to his wish list this year! I love that so many products are available that are not your typical “toy” but alternative ideas that stray away from toys. I hope your Spider-Man fan loves some of these gift ideas.


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