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Mother’s Day Journal: Replace Cards With A Memory Book

This year will be my 5th Mother’s Day. I don’t get a Mother’s Day Card each year…I get something even better. A few years ago I made a suggestion to my husband, in part to make it easier for him and in part to have something I really wanted. I bought a journal with empty pages, eager as to how my husband and children would fill it each year. It’s a yearly tradition that I truly look forward to each Mother’s Day. Here’s how the Mother’s Day Journal works.

Each year my husband and kids fill out a page or two in lieu of a card. It could be a drawing, photos, quotes, handprints, letter…I don’t care as long as it is from them. That’s the most important part. Each year I can’t wait to see what they’ve put inside. Sometimes more elaborate research of poems and handprints. Sometimes something simple. Each year I love it all.

Mother's Day Journal: Replace Cards With A Memory Book

As children get older, the content will change (as expected). The first year it was a special poem and photo of my son and I. Last year my son could add more input, and they used fill in the blanks with his answers such as:

My mommy’s eyes are _____ and her hair is _____. I think my mommy’s _____ years old. My Mommy’s favorite food is _____. My Mommy and I like to _____ together.

As I anticipate the new page each year in my memory book, I can reflect back to a booklet full of keepsakes ALL IN ONE PLACE. Seriously, if I had my list of items I would want to bring with me if I had to evacuate or the house was on fire this would be on the list. Do yourself a favor. Copy and past this link, and send it to your significant other. You deserve it and you can thank me later as it becomes one of the best gifts you will get year after year on Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day Journal: Replace Cards With A Memory Book

BONUS: Don’t forget about those single mom’s out there. If you know a lady who would love and treasure this, make her day with something simple and non-expensive yet it will be the most valued item to her. You can even save the items done at preschool and daycare to glue into the journal. If you’re strapped for creativity, below are some ideas.

  1. Draw pictures
  2. Handprint or footprint with paint
  3. Bonus if you can make that handprint or footprint into a cute animal
  4. Fill in the blank questionnaire (see above for a short sample)
  5. Photos
  6. Poems (for example I got this one from my son’s pre-K: Thank you for watering me with love, feeding me with encouragement, and nourishing me with time and energy. I am growing beautiful because of you!)
  7. Favorite quotes of the children
  8. A list of what they love about their mom
  9. Letter to mom
  10. Be sure to add the date or year, and have the child sign the journal if they can write

Mother's Day Journal: Replace Cards With A Memory Book

23 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Journal: Replace Cards With A Memory Book

  1. I love the idea of replacing cards with a journal! What a wonderful keepsake! I think I’ll have to suggest this to my hubby!

  2. I would LOVE this! My husband did something like this once when I was away and I returned home to these beautiful little memory books that all of the kids made on their own. I have to hint that I’d like another one this year. I know they’d be happy to do it!!

  3. I love that every mothers day you have something new to add to your memory book and I think that it is a great way of celebrating with your kids, it is such a lovely concept. I do love cards but I love the sound of the memory book even more!

  4. Oh my gosh! This is an awesome idea. Can I copy this? I have been wondering what to do with those drawings and little notes that my kids prepare. Geezzz, what haven’t I thought of this. Thank you thank you! 😀 Will do this now.

  5. YASSSSSS! I love this idea. I mean I’m 24 now so my cute baby days are over but my younger brother is only 7 haha and can still make things cute and playful. With us combined we can create an awesome journal for both my mum and dad. A journal/scrap book tops cards any day! This is a lovely tradition to have – thanks for sharing!

  6. Ahh I’m so in love with this idea! I never really liked cards or their generic sayings, and this would be so special to have. Sending the link to my husband now;)

  7. What a wonderful gift idea! It is like a time capsule, where memories are kept alive. I wish I had one of those when my kids were still young. However, it is never too late to start, right?

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