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Puppy Themed Party

We recently had a Superbowl themed contest at work, decorating a table with our chosen theme with food, decorations, and games. We chose to be different and do the Puppy Bowl. And guess what…we won!

Each year when it comes to birthday party planning I also choose a theme based on my child’s interest at that time. If your little one loves puppies as much as mine here are some ideas for a puppy themed party, food ideas, and direct links on products to purchase from Amazon to keep with the theme.

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Chocolate Covered Dog Shaped Graham Cracker Desserts

Yes these are edible, and delicious. Dip Scooby-Doo graham cracker in the shape of bones into melted chocolate for a tasty treat.

Puppy Chow

This looks so real, but it’s all edible. Make your own Puppy Chow Dog Food with Reese’s Puffs cereal. It’s extra sweet with Reese’s Pieces and purrrfect in (cleaned) doggy bowls.


Cupcakes can be made to fit the puppy theme by decorating paw prints on the top using chocolate chips and mini marshmallows. Place them on a fire hydrant cupcake holder.


Paw Print Balloons

Once balloons are inflated, use a black magic marker to draw paw prints, or purchase pre-made ones here.

Fire Hydrant Drink Dispenser

Pour your drink of choice into this fire hydrant drink dispenser that can be found on amazon. We chose lemonade to go with the dog theme but any drink will do.

Games & Entertainment

Pin The Tail On The Puppy

Draw a dog onto a poster board. Cut out tails and if you have a laminator, laminate the tails to make them more durable. Use mounting putty to get the tails to stick and avoid holes in the wall. Place putty on the back of each tail.

DIY Dog Collars

Set up a kids activity and craft to make their own dog collars out of beads and pipe cleaners.

Doggy Bags

Using paper bags, send your guests home with a goody bag filled with sweets or party favors.

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