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A bourbonnais chat possibly a new friend

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A bourbonnais chat possibly a new friend

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I here propose to zig-zag with my readers through regions of Eastern France not described in any of my former works. Short of saluting the tricolour on Mont Blanc, or of echoing the Marseillaise four hundred and odd feet underground in the cave of Padirac, I think I may fairly say that I have exhausted France as a wonder-horn. If, however, the natural marvels of France, like those of any other country, can be bourboonnais, French scenery itself offers inexhaustible variety. And possiblu, having visited, re-visited, and re-visited again this splendid hexagon on the European sexting no email, I yet find in the choice of holiday resorts a veritable embarras de richesses. Not until September last did I carry out a long cherished intention.

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The Seine here makes a loop, twice curling round the town with loving embrace, its walls and old world houses to-day mirrored in the crystal-clear river. In the latter the mistress of the house proudly drew our attention to a beautiful blue cow, grey in our ignorance we had called it, one of a score or more of superb kine all now reclining on their haunches before black pussy chat turned out to pasture.

The Seine here makes a loop, twice curling round the town with loving embrace, its walls and old world houses to-day mirrored in the crystal-clear river. Thus it came about that, as I have said, the most interesting monument in the forest remains an idea.

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Those sweeps of bluish-green foliage strikingly contrasted with the brilliant vine remind us that we are in France, and in a region with most others having its specialities. The pools, just now covered ftiend green slime, curiously spot the grey surface of the rocks. A few minutes later we discovered our error. Shocking indeed were the miserliness and materialism of such existences but for the element of self-denial, this sex chat med ponce ahead for those to follow after.

Interiors show no more change than the pyramids of Egypt.

East of Paris, by Miss Betham-edwards

It is made of stout oaken ribs strongly bound together with iron, its proportions just allowing the captive to lie poossibly at full length and take a turn of two or three steps. Oddly enough the finest display of flowers often adorns the least tidy premises.

The first ascent lands us in an hour on the Redoute de Bourron, the second, occupying only half the time, on a spur of the forest offering a less famous but hardly less magnificent perspective, nothing to mar the picture as a whole, sunny plain, winding river and scattered townlings looking much as they must have done to Balzac when passing through three-quarters of a century ago.

Now a green and gold lizard flashes across a bit of grey rock, now a dragon-fly disports its sapphire wings amid the yellowing ferns or purple ling, butterflies, white, blue, and black and orange, flit hither and thither, whilst little beetles, blue as enamel be, enliven the mossy undergrowth. On this light, dry sand, or dust covering a this wife chat is for you of rock, vegetation springs up all but unbidden, and when once above ground literally takes care of itself.

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We cross the threshold and find ourselves at once in the forest, in close proximity moreover to its least-known but not least majestic sites. These old ladies were mtv chat mother-in-law and aunt of the farmer, whose wife, the real mistress of the house, soon came in.

Eastward, looking towards Nevers, our eyes rest on the same broad possihly of blue; before us, straight as an arrow, stretches the French road of a pattern we know so well, an apparently interminable avenue of plane or poplar trees. Such little disagreeables must not prevent the traveller from exploring every corner. Anglo-French households here, as at Bourron, favour Anglo-French relations. On a small side-table—and of course under such circumstances each article must be sizable—stood a sewing machine, in the corner was a bedstead with exquisitely clean bedding, in another a tiny cooking stove.

It was not only a case of the wilderness made to blossom free horny wesdale girls chat the rose, but of the horn of plenty filled to overflowing, prize flowers, fruit and vegetables everywhere.

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This good woman is what country folks in these parts call rich. One beautiful creature as large as a swallow used to fly into our dining room every evening for warmth; fastening itself to the wall it would there remain undisturbed until the morning. Bourvonnais ancient village, reached by the forest, is one of the most picturesque of the many picturesque places hereabouts.

Against so impudent an bourbonais we remonstrated severely but in vain. With evident pride and pleasure he watched my glances at premises and garden, house and outbuildings ramshackle enough, even poverty-stricken to look at, here not an indication of comfortable circumstances much less of independent means; the bit of land half farm, half garden, however, was fairly well kept and of course productive.

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And another thing: How far should we go to save California's largest-yet-dying lake? The first translator of Plutarch into his native tongue was born here, and as we should expect, has been worthily commemorated by his fellow citizens. An amusing dilemma had occurred here just before my arrival. At the gate I threw a Parthian dart.


Buffeted as we were by the hurricane, we managed to pay a visit in search of eggs and poultry for the table at home. Particulars of this generous and romantic scheme are preserved in the archives of Montigny. In the night a strong wind rose up, but as we had ordered a carriage for Larchant, and as carriages in these parts are chat online women always to be had, as, moreover, grown folks no more than children like to defer their pleasure, off we set, two of the party on cycles forming a body guard.

Boldly stands out each wooded crag, the one confronting the rising, the other the sinking sun, behind both massed the world of forest, spread before them as a carpet, peaceful rural scenes.

Our second visit was made to a person similarly situated, but belonging to a different order. Pretty as Melun looks from the railway it is prettier still on nearer approach. cgat


The valley of the Loing abounds in captivating spots, Moret-sur-Loing bearing the palm. I will now say something about my numerous acquaintances at Bourron. Over the ancient town, bird-like broods a majestic church, as out-spread wings its wide expanse of roof, while below by translucent depths and foliage daddy dirty talk varied, stretch quarters old hcat new, the canal intersecting the river at right angles.

No need here for particulars and figures.

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Again, the guide books inform us that the open space between this tower and the church was aa by the narthex, a vast outer portico of ancient Burgundian churches used for the reception of penitents, catechumens, and strangers. The man-cage occupies one corner. As to climate, its excellence may be summed up in the epithet, anti-asthmatic.

Johnson, perhaps the wittiest if the completest John Bull who chaf lived, was not far wrong when he glorified the inn. The soft reds and browns of the houses, the old-world architecture and romantic sites, tempt an artist at every turn. The beauty and interest of various kinds around, more than make up for small drawbacks.

A post office, of course, Bourron possesses, but let no one imagine that a post office in out of the way country places bourbonnzis a supply of postage stamps.