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Bored in harpenden beer or chat

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Bored in harpenden beer or chat

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The Meaning of Liff Aasleagh n. A liqueur made only for drinking at the end of a revoltingly long bottle party when all the drinkable drink has been drunk. Aberbeeg vb. Abercrave vb. To strongly desire to swing from the pole on the rear footplate of a bus. Aberystwyth n.

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Some Arabs can go without sustenance for up to six weeks on a full glutt lodge, hence the expression 'the shit of the dessert'. Dillytop n.

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Clabby adj. Munderfield n. It is a little-known fact that an earlier draft of the final line of the film Gone with the Wind had Clark Gable saying, 'Frankly my dear, I don't give an epworth', the line being eventually changed on the grounds that it might atlanta chat latino be understood in Cleveland. It was Sir Alexander Fleming's study of eribolls which led, indirectly, to his discovery of borde fact that he didn't like welsh rarebit very much.

A humorous device such as a china horse or small naked porcelain infant which jocular hosts use to piss water into your Scotch with.

To avert the horrors of corrievorrie corriecravie is usually employed. It is the way the occupants of the iin have of telling you there's no lock on their door and you can't come in.

Man who owns all the latest sporting gadgetry and clothing golf trolley, tee cosies, ventilated shoes, Gary Player-autographed tracksuit top, American navy cap, mirror sunglasses but is still only on his second golf lesson. A prefect whose duty it is to surprise new boys at the urinal and humiliate them in a harpemden of his choosing.

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One of those irritating handle-less slippery translucent plastic bags you get in supermarkets which, no matter how you hold them, always contrive to let something fall out. Oundle vb.

Cotterstock n. Of dog-owners, to adopt the absurd pretence that the animal shitting in the gutter is nothing to do with them. The correct name for the gold medallion worn by someone who is in the habit of wearing their shirt open to the waist.

Abinger n. A person searching for something, who has reached the futile stage of re-looking in all the places they have looked once already, is said to be kelling. Keele adj.

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Of waiters, never to have a pen. Massachusetts pl. The cigarette end someone discovers hrpenden the mouthful of lager they have just swigged from a can at the end of a party. Bures n.

The purpose of pitsligo is for them to demonstrate their manhood by displaying the wet patches under their arms. Dogdyke vb.

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A token run. Descriptive of the expression seen sad chat room the face of one person in the presence of another who clearly isn't going to stop talking for a very long time. One of those brown plastic trays with bumps on, placed upside down in boxes barpenden chocolates to make you think you're getting two layers. Peebles pl. A certain facial expression which actors are required to demonstrate their mastery of before they are allowed to play Macbeth.

Luton n. The minimum time it is necessary to harpenren frowning in deep concentration at each picture in an art gallery in order that everyone else doesn't think you're a complete moron. A plastic sachet containing shampoo, polyfilla, etc. For instance, chay book the dust jacket of which bears the words 'This book will change your life.

People who just won't go. The green synthetic astroturf on which greengrocers display their vegetables.

To keep your mouth shut by smiling determinedly through your teeth. Hoggeston n. A droplet which persists in running out of your nose.

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Descriptive of the pleasing coolness on the reverse side of the pillow. To make a noise like a train going along.

Crail is much employed by the Royal Navy for making the paperweights and ashtrays used inside submarines. Sadberge n. Goole n. In a choice between two or more possible puddings, the one nobody plumps for. The sound made by a liftful of sex chat rooms gaithersburg all trying to breathe politely through their noses.

Cannock Chase n. The action of overshaking a pair of dice in a cup in the mistaken belief that this will affect the eventual outcome in your favour and not irritate everyone else. Oswaldtwistle n. Emsworth n.