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Vampire Donuts

Getting creative and DIY projects aren’t on the top of everyone’s list. Life gets busy, but sometimes you still have to show up with a holiday treat or send your kids to school with a party food. Don’t worry, I’m here to help! My mom made these Vampire Donuts for my kids last year and… Read More Vampire Donuts


Nutella Popsicles

When I saw this Nutella popsicle recipe I thought 1. how simple 2. looks delicious and 3. my son will love these. Just in time for our new fridge to come, I now have a larger and flat freezer space to make them (our other fridge is a split door and has NO freezer space).… Read More Nutella Popsicles


Taco Salad Recipe

Ever get stuck and feel like your meals are on repeat? It’s easier for me to cook my “go to” meals versus the time and effort to try a new recipe. Did I remember all the ingredients? Will my husband like it? Will I like it? Will I put in all this effort and it… Read More Taco Salad Recipe