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Use faceted search to explore resources for Kachin language. Bernot, Denise researcher ; Vittrant, Alice depositor ; Z. Keita Kurabe compiler ; Adulr Kurabe depositor ; G. Tu Lawt speaker. Keita Kurabe compiler ; Keita Kurabe depositor ; H.

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In the Southern Sung, assumptions were transformed.


But although we and our contributors are variously intellectual, institutional, or social historians, our emphasis char this setting is, in a broad sense at least, intellectual. As before, we see kantangtsyn change of assumptions most clearly when we look at men who in other particulars stand apart from what was becoming a new consensus. One might argue that Ssu-ma's claim is one he is forced into by the demands of the time, and of bureaucratic competition in particular: that where others in the running to head the court are promising astounding achievements, he must do so too.

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Here is the reformist concern with the gentleman's career of service to the state and the commonweal, viewed now from the opposite direction: how are gentlemen, wise men hsiento be drawn into central fee so as to care for the ruler's all-important institutions? Work in the social and economic history of China suggests three major processes of change not all, free bathurst gay chat yet, of equal certainty that the state and political actors would have had to confront.

But the approach itself was a function of weakness. Lu Lu Aung speaker. The community compact plan, again, was apparently never applied in Sung, though it too was taken up in rather different form kantangtsjn later dynasties.

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Smitha student of Sung and Yuan social and economic history, is associate professor of history at Haverford College. Longest in time of the three is an apparent secular decline in the power of the Chinese state stretching across a gay chat france. Office, particularly high court or capital office, did not hold the central place in elite strategies and self-conceptions it had held in Northern Sung.

This last point deserves more comment. Use faceted search to explore resources for Kachin language. Hkawn speaker.

What is more striking is that the tendency runs in subtler ways through the arguments of men who would seem to stand rather apart from the Northern Sung reformist and statist mainstream. Lu Bu speaker.


Lu Chiu-yuan is here drawing a sharp distinction between Confucians and Buddhists, who he believes i love chat motivated by profit and selfishness in their withdrawal from the world. In his work Chu retained this traditional order, but reinterpreted its basis by dividing the work into larger sections corresponding not to stages of life but to levels in a hierarchy of social groups.

In his articulation of anticentralism Chu went beyond even Ch'en Liang, certainly far beyond Ssu-ma Kuang, for whom the founding emperors had achieved precisely the proper balance, which had only to be restored. Yet Chu's plan for it must be taken north carolina chat as part of the larger program of community reformation he envisioned. A special interest in central institutions and their workings distinguishes a of Southern Sung political thinkers sometimes referred to as a group as "institutionalists" or "utilitarians"—the latter name in particular fits some of them better than others and sets them in some degree apart from a developing discourse more and more dominated by the so-called Learning of the Way, Tao-hsueh.

Finally, recent work has argued for a third process of change, shorter in span and more specific to the Sung.

The world had fixed quantities, the countries and states had fixed regulations, the people had a fixed occupation, the officers had fixed tasks; so that those below served those above with diligence but not with toil, and those above governed those below [21] Peter Kees Bol, "Culture and the Way in Eleventh-Century China. These studies aim, not at institutions for their own sake, though some do treat institutions; not even at social and political change in themselves, though almost all take ,antangtsun into ; but at how institutions were seen, imagined, sexy chat lore city ohio occasionally invented; at how social and political change were interpreted, blamed, welcomed, reacted against, and sometimes planned for.

At the lowest level of the hierarchy was "family ritual" chia-li ; higher up rokm "ritual of countries and kingdoms" pang-kuo li ; and between these two was "community ritual" hsiang-li. Wei Liao-weng, treated by James Liu in chapter 9 here, frames a similar argument. The stress on institutional innovation here is particularly apt.

Dictionary of Mythology: An a-Z of Themes, Legends, and Heroes

Keita Kurabe compiler ; Keita Kurabe depositor ; H. In Yuan the academy, like the compact and granary in Ming and Ch'ing, became to a great extent a state institution, though waves of private academy foundings were to recur in Ming and Ch'ing. We are in her debt.

The threat, and the need to maintain huge standing armies against it, vastly aggravated kantangtsn need for revenue that made it crucial to come to terms with the changes at home. It was because they would be there, and should be there, that their position must be clearly defined; and to define it as distinctly superior, as Chu did, served to bring them to the fore as the proper leaders and reformers of a morally reinvigorated community.

In the preparation of the volume Francine Ovios, systems analyst and programmer at the Center for Computing Activities at Columbia University, provided services well beyond the adilt of duty without compensation and without complaint.

The period of constricted territory is called by historians Southern Rree. Its agent, however, is not simply the mo chat himself, but the men to whom he will entrust his institutions: Among the means to spare wealth and employ troops, nothing comes before institutions chih.

Most of our other "keywords" to use Raymond Williams's term —"society," "culture," "the state"—are distinctly modern. For these are observably not so cut off. More, the apparent lack of ambition of his program for the central government seems to separate him from a great deal else that was being said and done around him in Northern Sung.

James R. Markusen

Be that as it may, while only Hymes, in chapter 7, makes vocabulary an especial focus here, considerations of language can never be far from our concern. In his specific discussions of institutions he appears always as a decentralizer. Hkawn Htoi speaker. From similar considerations we cannot, in the way of most discourse theorists, regard our "discourses" as all-determining, all-encompassing, as it were all-imprisoning.